Saturday, 23 February 2008

Das Kleine Fieldrecording Festival

we are excited to present "das kleine fieldrecording festival" in the BlackBox as a simulation with live video- and audiostream.

live performances by rinus van alebeek, asiask and transponderfish aka bingo onomatopoeia (photo) start about 12am SLT (9pm CET).

after that m.v.belmondo will float the boat into the night with a timeshift of music and sounds from the last 109 years - musicology jumped off to new shores when arnold schönberg published transfigured night, the futurists added the industrial touch and blues and jazz revolutionized the perception of what music could be and introduced the groove...

dont miss this great night of experiments and bring some time.
tell your friends and maybe fix a cozy date. hopefully the screen with the stream from RL will shed some of that light emitted from about 700 candles lit in the RL venue.

In case you do not have access to SL at that time,
the video-stream is at:
audio streaming:

... and sure, should you be in the area - go for the full monty - RL+ SL in one + headphone exhibition, deckchairs and megacandlelight at kunstvereinGraz Regensburg, Ladehofstrasse 20.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse concert performance and orchestral investigations

Hi all,

its a great joy to announce this years opening concert performance and investigations of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse here tonite, yiiiip!

AOM plays WEE.NO.KRESH of our Bingo Onomatopoeia on the space deck of, yeah - loking forward to that event in allegro and even dancable, so to say.

Before they play RUE BLANCHE by the father of the orchestra Miulew Takahe on a remote oil rig as investigations no 5 and after playing at one of the orchestras homeplaces (where it all began ;-)) they continue onZKMs YOUniverse islands with FRAGULA, first time only flying as orchestral investigations no 6. make sure to stop all other sound and media stream and enjoy the greatest listening experience by moving around.

programme note of the orchestra (incl. SLurls)

DirectorsLounge 2008 "Live from Second Life 1"
curated by Olga Wunderlich

starting time : 2pm SLT which translates into 11pm CET (23.00)

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse / AOM

RUE BLANCHE by Miulew Takahe
performed at

This piece is written for AOM during march and april 2007. Rue
Blanche is to be performed in Second Life with seven or more avatar
players and one conductor. Preferred instrument to play the piece with
is the instruments of Bingo Onomatopoeia, called sineHUDs. The piece
is exploring the natural sinus tone series and the relations to
beating frequencies and risset tones. Additional selected "found
sounds" are to be played with the sound textures that the sinus tones
Miulew Takahe's composition Rue Blanche, as performed by the Avatar
Orchestra Metaverse, was a winner in the 2007 version of Audiospace,
a biannual web-based soundart project hosted by Canada's Open Space
Arts Society. The work was judged to be the work with the most
elegant sonic colour. ( )

WEE.NO.KRESH by Bingo Onomatopoeia
performed at

WNK was written in may and june 2007 with the idea of creating a
spatial sound experience for avatars with parts of the aviophone being
free flying sound spheres distributing the sound. It was premiered at
PGup as a mixed reality setup on Virtual Haidplatz / Odyssey and the
Notice Gallery in Deptford curated by Spinster Voom.

FRAGULA by Miulew Takahe
performed at
(advice : pls turn off your media stream on YOUniverse Island not to
be distracted by ZKM video voices.)

Written in june 2007. The piece is a play with words "fragment",
"fragile", "fragula" and "Dracula". The visual part of this piece is
made from small and big movements and animations of avatar while
having the sound sack being colored in different colours.
One of the major ideas about this piece is to have the orchestra to
wander from a fragile and fragmented digital synthezised sound texture
into a more analog acoustic and not so fragmented sound texture, and
then come back to where it all started. This is aurally symbolized in
the granulated synthezised sounds of sine waves, square waves and
sawtooth shaped sounds. Also arpeggiated synthetic figures then
gradually transforms into the sounds of an old harmonium with
unprecise playing. There is also a transitional sound in between the
digital and analog sound sources where a time stretched harmonium
sounds gets this role. There is three groups of players in this piece
as the different sounds forms chordal sound textures. Bingo
Onomatopoeia/Andreas Müller made these programming of both sounds and
animations for HUDs.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I'm An Island

Hi all,

Yes, we are back from the island ... :-)
I'd like to thank you once again for letting us 'have' the Black Box. I hope you found it back as clean
and tidy as it was when we came there, and that our visitors did not make too much of a mess ...
Apart from the curious 'raid' incident on thursday morning, there were no probs, and we
have been perfectly able to do what we had planned:
sit there, have people pass by, and stream the sounds we were playing in our Ameland studio.
I just put up a detailed description of our adventures on the island in the SoundBlog : "It is not easy to
be an island. There is water all around you" : read more

There is a low quality version of one of the 'pocketmovie clips' we made up at YouTube's : view

Hope we'll meet up again, soon!
Bingo, are you still posting AOM dates on the google calendar? I did not see any lately ...

all the best,


Thursday, 15 November 2007

ookoi Digital Suite

Dgital Suite - in Real and Second Life

As part of the 'Kunstmaand Ameland' ookoi will do a 'Digital Suite' in the Archipel Media Lab, Achterom bij Galerie Dit Eiland in Hollum, on the stormy island of Ameland (the Netherlands). The event will consist in two consecutive days of an 'open / walk in studio', during which ookoi will be there working on the soundtrack of their upcoming feature-length movie/clip, parts of which will be shot on the island (thursday 15/11, friday 16/11). On saturday evening 17/11 they will perform and host a 'Radio Raudio' event in and around the Medialab.
During their three day Digital Suite, ookoi can simultaneously be seen and heard in Second Life, in's 'Black Box', in Netherbeck ... To teleport to the Black Box, use (you need to have Second Life installed for this) ...